"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering"

-Bill Gates

Experienced Team

Our developers have years of experience in formulating specialized products for major MSOs located both domestically and internationally

Domain Expertise

Our domain expertise and customer relationships in the cable and telecommunications verticals is a strong asset in the product development process

Efficient Delivery

We plan our development cycles with precision to ensure accurate delivery estimates and reasonable timeframes for the clients we work with

Tools We Have Built

QC Tool

IMMCO developed an automated Quality Control Toolkit that works seamlessly with Bentley Expert Designer Communications. The Toolkit takes advantage of Bentley’s relational database storage model so OSP data analysis can be quickly performed against enterprise-wide databases.

The toolkit improves accuracy and data consistency, saves time, and reduces costs. A typical analysis now takes about 24 minutes instead of one week.

The automation tool has been adapted enterprise-wide and is being used on every shipment the MSO receives from its Contractors.

QC Tool
(Screenshot: @QC Tool)

Inside Plant Tool

IMMCO developed an Inside Plant tool for a major MSO to make ISP design more efficient. The software targets optical and electrical design, rack installation and grounding, wiring, and splitting/combining networks.

The software resulted in major development cutbacks and efficient ISP design processes. It was implemented on an enterprise-scale and is being used by key members of the MSO on a daily basis.

ISP Tool
(Screenshot: @ISP Tool)

Our custom tools are being used by more than 15,000 people

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