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IMMCO has a large team of skilled technicians to take care of your GIS needs. Our services include data conversion, landbase creation, QA/QC, and much more. Scroll below to discover our enterprise-grade services!

IMMCO is an industry leader in the design and optimization of geospatial databases. As an Oracle Gold Partner, our team of experts can lead you through the complexities of setting up your spatial database to achieve maximum efficiencies in processing, as well as running your company specific applications against the spatial data.
IMMCO has a staff of technicians that can create your landbase from multiple sources including aerial photography, Google Earth, GDT files, and many others. Once created, we can obtain periodic updates from a variety of sources to ensure your landbase is current and accurate, allowing you to create and maintain your outside plant network as efficiently as possible.
If you have existing manual outside plant records, IMMCO has the expertise and manpower to convert those into a digital format. Whether your company needs "Graphics Only", or Graphics Linked to a database management system, our team of professionals can assist you in this transition in a timely and cost effective manner. We specialize in MicroStation, Bentley V8i, AutoCAD/Lode Data, and Spatial Info formats, and can advise your GIS team in which platform will best suit your company's needs.
IMMCO is the industry leader in the migration of outside plant data to Bentley's V8i geospatial platform. We have developed highly efficient software tools that allow us to take data currently in MicroStation or AutoCAD/Lode Data files and move them into either the Bentley V8i platform, or into the Spatial Info platform. We have also developed production tools and processes that allow us to create data efficiently using Bentley software, and then deliver the data to our customer's preferred geospatial software platform.
IMMCO has a highly trained team of Quality Assurance personnel, both onshore and offshore, that can verify that other vendors performing conflation, data conversion, and/or data migration are performing according to the Quality Assurance standards set forth for your project. IMMCO incorporates the ANSI Random Sampling Methodologies as the backbone of our Quality Assurance processes to ensure that the Average Outgoing Quality Level (AOQL) meets your project requirements.
GIS Projects are typically complex and time consuming, and telecommunications companies or CATV companies rarely have the expertise to design and implement these projects. IMMCO has a team of professional consultants and project managers that can ease this burden for your company. Our team may train your Project Team, or we can assume those responsibilities for you by becoming your Primary Contractor for the GIS project. Either way, IMMCO can provide the assistance your GIS team may need to successfully implement a GIS project.
IMMCO has developed automated processes to geocode addresses from your Customer Information System, Billing System, or other address sources enabling your company to easily identify where your customers are located, what services they currently use, what services may be available, and where your potential customers may be located. This geocoded data can be placed in a Google Earth file, or even displayed with your outside plant records.
If you simply need drafting support for posting work orders in the design phase, or posting "As-Built" updates to your outside plant records, IMMCO offers both onshore and offshore production facilities staffed with experience drafters and project managers. Our clients are able to minimize internal employee requirements while minimizing their drafting costs, and improving productivity.

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