PCE 2.0® is a web-based application for estimating and managing labor and material costs for cable TV construction projects. PCE 2.0® integrates resources from engineering, construction, warehouse, and finance into a single project outline.

Everyone on the Same Page

Accurate project estimation is one of the most challenging yet critical tasks for all MSOs. With PCE 2.0®, you can say goodbye to wrong estimates, faulty material tracking, and poor execution.

Instead, say hello to a fluid and streamlined project all the time, every time. Key features:

  • Integrate engineering, construction, finance, and materials departments with a single project data source
  • Completely customized inventory information with internal part numbers, vendor numbers, item descriptions, pricing and discounts
  • Fully adaptable labor, aerial/ underground/MDU, HSD, telephony calculators
  • Single repository for valuable project data
  • Customizable forecast plug-in
  • Email-enabled communication
  • Precise cost forecasting that is web accessible 24/7

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(PCE® is compatible on multiple devices - use in the office or on the field!)

Interactive Dashboard & Data Reports

PCE 2.0® has been designed to give the user power and flexibility. Features included:

  • Interactive dashboard helps users to easily understand work status and progress
  • Users can easily grab the data and organize it in a new Oracle structure.
  • Responsive User Interface readjusts the data display to the correct screen size
  • Output project cost estimate reports and user-defined reports. Easily export reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to display Mapzilla data within the PCE® module

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(Interactive dashboards and data that generate powerful reports)

Flexible, Adaptable, & Secure

PCE 2.0® has been engineered to provide the maximum scope for a user. The powerful product is secure, adaptable, and flexible:

  • Built on a new robust and scalable platform (HTML5 & CSS3) that is compatible with every standard browser
  • Faster to re-engineer in the event of new code revisions leading to decreased development time cycles
  • Supports open databases and eliminates legacy data errors
  • Role-based security access control between engineering, construction, finance, and warehouse is built into a workflow system
(PCE® is compatible with multiple browsers and was built using modern web languages)


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