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IMMCO is a pioneer of innovative software solutions for the cable and broadband industries. Our developers are highly technical and experienced with agile software development methods. Scroll below to find out more!

Feature One

IMMCO’s software expertise and capabilities range from custom application development to large scale GIS-enabled software systems.

IMMCO has expertise in development of leading Open Source GIS packages as well as custom implementation of leading commercial GIS applications through many years of research and development efforts.

  • GIS - IMMCO has created one of the industry's first GIS tools called iBISS (Intelligent Broadband Information System and Service). iBISS is a collaborative application that integrates your distribution network on an OGC compliant product. Remaining data can come from the data sheet you already have.
  • Custom Tools - In order to maintain TQM (Total Quality Management) in our data services division, IMMCO has created several custom tools to enhance productivity, maintain quality, and drive efficiencies on the production floor. Click here to see our custom tools!
  • Serviceability Workflow Automation - Based on domain expertise we have accumulated over the past 20 years, we have created a serviceability work flow automation application. This cloud-based application enables you to create a collaborative work environment between Engineering, Construction, and Design divisions. Click here to schedule a free demonstration!
(Screenshot source: 2012 Bentley Be Inspired Award)

IMMCO is the winner of Bentley’s prestigious Be Inspired Award for Innovation in Communications Networks for the development of an Automated Quality Control Toolkit. The Automated Quality Control Toolkit works seamlessly with Bentley Expert Designer Communications V8i to ensure accuracy, consistency, and data integrity while significantly reducing review time and costs.

Feature Two

Our highly specialized team of developers have expertise in GIS-specific technologies including:

Our team has experts in the technologies below. We ensure our technology stack and framework integrates into your software environment before deploying.

Languages Databases HFC Design Platforms GIS Testing Platforms
Java Oracle Bentley MapInfo Sonar, PMD, FindBugs
Python SQL Lite Spatial Info Esri Jenkins
.NET, mySQL, VBA Couch DB AutoCAD Safe FME Selenium
HTML5/CSS Microsoft SQL Server GE Smallworld Microstation JUnit
Javascript/Jquery MongoDB Lode Data MapMarker JMeter

IMMCO has expertise in leading Open Source GIS packages as well as custom implementation of leading commercial GIS applications through many years of research and development efforts. Our Oracle database administrators are capable of optimizing enterprise relational databases for peak performance.

We practice Agile Software Development with continuous integration which ensures early defect tracking and quality delivery. The following are examples of applications we have the capability to custom build for you:

Based on IMMCO’s years of research and experience on iBISS, IMMCO developed a Web based GIS asset tracking and network management application for one of the top cable operators in America. This Fortune 100 company has over 1.7 million homes passed, over 30,000 miles of strand and 6000 miles of fiber. Built on Geoserver, Oracle MapViewer, Openlayers, and Oracle Spatial database, this application is capable of monitoring remote devices at customer locations and overlays the diagnostic information on GIS maps.
Developed for a major MSO in America, this enterprise level web application helps manage the different stages in a Cable TV / Telecom project. Developed on struts MVC architecture, this solution helps track project deliverables, manage field surveys, track material & labor costs, and generate various reports. With seamless information flow between multiple departments like Sales, Engineering, and Construction, this solution replaces legacy-old spreadsheets and emails as a way of communicating.
IMMCO has the capacity to build unique mobile geospatial application that serve the needs for enterprises both large and small.
We have developed a suite of QC tools for a North American Multi System Operator to ensure quality of their engineering design maps. This tool analyzes and validates massive amounts of hybrid fiber coaxial outside plant data. Developed in Microsoft .net using Microstation API, this tool runs on top of Bentley Comms V8.5 and V8i applications to ensure accuracy and consistency of engineering data.
Designed for documenting Inside Plant devices, this tool helps in capacity planning. With options to capture & map device connectivity and device loads, technicians can plan for load distribution between various head end equipments like Transmitters, CMTS, SVD, and VOD servers. Developed using technology and Oracle workspaces, users can reproduce what-if scenarios without modifying the actual data.

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